How to easily record a video call on Instagram?

In this article we will show you how to record video calls on Instagram to capture moments with family and friends, remember that these are moments you will keep forever, because you can watch them whenever you want.

This video calling feature on Android and iOS is not very different from the other apps, but what they have in common is the inability to save video calls, for which we already have a simple solution.

Table of contents
  1. Capturing video calls from my device.
  2. Record video calls in an easy way
  3. Can I record the screen from my Android device?
  4. Some advantages of device screen recording.

Capturing video calls from my device.

If you want to record video calls from Instagram and keep them, we suggest using the built-in recorder on your computer android device at the beginning of video calls.

Capturing video calls from my device.

For this reason, this function is useful when you want to record video calls not only on Instagram, but also on other apps that have this feature.

This mode is highly anticipated by cybernauts, as it is necessary, since in recent years people want to stay in touch with their relatives.

Record video calls in an easy way

Technology has evolved and with it all equipment, giving way to new options for using this application, which now allows you to record video calls here's what to do next:

    1. To start the video call, you need to log in to Instagram.
    2. Go to your address book and choose the contact you want to start the conversation with.
    3. Open the menu at the top of the screen and activate the "Record on Screen" function.
    4. Once the function is activated 'Record on screen' function you need to go back and start the video call.
    5. When the video call is finished, you need to stop the screen recording, which will be notified as already saved in the device's gallery and can be watched when finished.
    6. To check whether the video call has been recorded, go to the item of the cell phone, you will see that it has been saved and will allow you to edit it, if necessary, when you want to.

Can I record the screen from my Android device?

    1. You need to configure the screen recording option in the shortcut, as it is not in the feature, so it is done manually.
    2. Access "Settings>Control Center," to select the mode of system operation control center to start the configuration.
    3. Once you enter the "Control Center" you need to click on the "Customize Controls" icon, then select the "Screen Recording" option, pressing it will add to the default controls.
    4. When you access the device's home menu, the 'Record Screen' icon appears, making it easy to access the application's functions.
    5. Log into Instagram and choose the contact with whom you want to make the video call; once the conversation has started, go to the top menu and start the screen recording.
    6. A conclude the video call if you stop the screen recording, scroll up the menu to immediately save it to the phone's gallery.
    7. With this application you can edit the video call.

Some advantages of device screen recording.

These steps for recording screenshots on android and iOS devices screenshots are simple and can be used on social networks, to your heart's content, as you do not need to download an app to record your screen.

Some advantages of device screen recording.

You can use the recorder built into your computer, it is much safer; sometimes, to use it, you have to download another one that gives you access, these applications tend to slow down your computer, sometimes they have viruses.

It does not take up space on your Android, so you have this, since, usually the vast majority of these applications, take up a large part of your computer memory, so at the time of saving is reduced space. You can also clear the cache of Instagram to keep the memory smooth.

The user can dispose of the recordings of video calls whenever you wish, as long as you have recorded it in your gallery, you can take the fractions you like best and you can edit them according to your taste and criteria.

By making these changes to the application, you will have the opportunity to make video calls that you can not only save in your gallery, but you can also store on your PC and on the cloud, so that you will have a wide range of images at your disposal good support.

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