How can I record and save a WhatsApp video call on Android and iOS?

Technology makes virtual communication much easier, offering all types of effective tools to stay in touch regardless of distance; here we will show you how save a WhatsApp video call.

One of the best alternatives for communicating in real time with other users is undoubtedly the option of WhatsApp video call to communicate individually or make a group video call.

This function of Whatsapp allows a video call with the desired contacts, being a simple and appropriate method of use for communicating with one or more people. Video calls are a way to have a more intimate conversation, as if you were physically with the other person, which is ideal for a pleasant connection that overcomes virtual barriers.

Remember that to record video calls you always need the consent of both parties. You can also recover an unregistered video call from Whatsapp and then continue to enjoy pleasant moments.

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  1. How to record a video call made by WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device?
  2. Record and save a WhatsApp video call with screen recorder for Android and iOS

How to record a video call made by WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device?

This instant messaging social network stands out for being the most used in the world, with over 800 million users. The communication via WhatsApp allows you to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones, regardless of where they are.

The video call function in WhatsApp allows this contact in communication it works as real as possible, offering the possibility that video calling can be done both from the mobile phone and from the computer, using WhatsApp Web.

How to record a video call made by WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device?

WhatsApp video call always improves your tools, and evolves its interface to make the experience much more efficient and without any inconvenience. The development of WhatsApp video calls has been given to the point that it is possible to video call with even up to 50 people.

With this in mind, concerns may arise about how record a video call made on WhatsApp; in order to save the exchange of information carried out during the real-time communication process and to be able to observe it later.

Recording a WhatsApp video call is quite simple, provided that the appropriate method is used and is performed correctly; thus obtaining the desired result and being able to save the video call performed correctly in WhatsApp.

Regardless of whether the operating system of the mobile device is Android or iOS; a video call can be recorded from start to finish, follow this simple trick to save it without problems.

Record and save a WhatsApp video call with screen recorder for Android and iOS

If you want keep the moment captured in the video call as warm memory; the information exchanged in this is of great importance and you should not forget it; There is a possibility that the video call will be recorded and therefore able to keep alive the conversation that took place in it.

The WhatsApp video call is a tool used for various purposes; to maintain contact with loved ones who are in the distance or to carry out business meetings in a virtual way. This is a very versatile option and no matter what the reason is, sometimes the need to record the video call is generated. They can also make video calls from Whatsapp Web on the PC.

To achieve this, you need to use a screen recorder. Screen recorders are applications that allow you to acquire what is happening on the mobile screen in real time; regardless of whether the operating system is Android or iOS.

Record and save a WhatsApp video call with screen recorder for Android and iOS

On iOS devices the "Register!" Screen recorder!' maintains efficient performance, its free version allows recordings of up to three minutes and its paid version allows you to register without limits.

Likewise, the "Go Record" application' it is ideal as a screen recorder; in addition to having an editor and being completely free, always and when compatible with the iOS operating system.

In the case of Android, the "DU Recorder" application allows you to easily record the screen; so be able to edit that recording, an excellent option to remove unnecessary parts. In addition, this application is free and there are 20 different languages.

To register the WhatsApp video call, just activate the application of the screen recorder, then start the video call. The whole conversation will be filmed so as not to lose any detail.

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