How to accept or make a WhatsApp video call?

Communication becomes more and more real with help of technology, For this reason, the most popular messaging applications in the world have been adapted to the user's needs.

When it comes to family, we are happy to see that they contact us, but to see them it is necessary know how to accept a WhatsApp video call and here we show you how easy it is.

Not only will our relatives want to call us, but also our best half and even a partner, client or our boss, whom we must convince to be authentic in communication.

Perhaps, therefore, today he tends to perform or receive calls from WhatsApp. Which connects us with the other person and brings us closer.

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  1. How to accept or make a WhatsApp video call?
  2. The video call as conflict resolution
  3. Tips for shooting a video call from WhatsApp

How to accept or make a WhatsApp video call?

They say it text messages have their tone, So we have to take very good care of what we write so that our contact doesn't feel we have emotions like anger or too much joy, which we are not really having.

Vocal notes also have their gestures, so the video call will avoid misunderstandings about global communication.

How to accept or make a WhatsApp video call?

Both the voice and the gestures will be present and, therefore, WhatsApp has decided to add this function, remember that initially it did not count on it. Once this option was added, it was very useful to WhatsApp users.

So distance was not an obstacle, to show our contacts how happy it makes us to advance in our work, in academic and family projects.

If you don't know, WhatsApp also allows you to make video calls in a group, so if there is a misunderstanding at work, you can call the people involved to resolve the issue video, even if not everyone is in the same city. Remember that one of the keys to successful work, academically or familiarly, is to resolve conflicts immediately.

The video call as conflict resolution

The longer misunderstandings are allowed, the more problems will be caused. It is not necessary to be present, but simply to answer and, for that, you should know how to accept or take a WhatsApp video call. In addition to waiting for a video call when necessary. We will explain you in simple steps.

Don't feel bad if you don't know how to use that feature, it happens to all of us when it's not an option we commonly use.

Also remember that this feature is relatively new to WhatsApp and has still been confusing for some users.

Tips for shooting a video call from WhatsApp

Obviously the first thing you need to do is have an Internet connection, WiFi or using the your mobile phone data. After this, all that remains is to follow some fairly simple steps.

Tips for shooting a video call from WhatsApp

  • Step 1: Once the video call for WhatsApp arrives, you will see the name of the caller's contact. When they are group calls, most likely someone has taken the number and that's why it's not in your contacts, just like someone who added you, but you have not stored it in your contacts, only their number will appear.
  • Step 2: Check the different elements at the bottom of what the screen shows as they call you. You will have the options in red, green and the message icon.
  • Step 3: Select the correct option. If you really want to answer the video call, select the green option and drag it up. In case you want to reject it, slide it upward. Although you can also reject the call and leave a message, pressing the message symbol by sliding it upwards, in case you think you have more time to repair your hairstyle.

Remember that these steps must be performed quickly during entry WhatsApp video call. It is also essential to have a good Internet connection, if the signal is poor or the Internet is slow, the call will certainly be distorted and communication will probably be ineffective.

We hope for so many updates that the WhatsApp application, at some point advanced technology manages to evolve into calls without an Internet connection, but from the same waves of common calls at low prices and also be able to make video calls, without having to worry about the bad Internet connection.

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