How to activate and make video calls on Instagram from PC or mobile devices?

It would be very useful to make a video call from my PC or mobile phone, on the Instagram social network, one of the reasons why we should have a video call application on our mobile phone, is because it allows us to be connected with our loved ones, It can be with our family or friends.

But the best thing is that you can do it through a social network that executes the name Instagram, with this extraordinary application we can make video calls, but first of all you have to take into account the importance of Instagram.

Most people like to use this application a lot, but actually they don't know its meaning Or they don't know where this wonderful word comes from, because here we will teach you everything on Instagram.

What is Instagram and what is it for? This is one of the most famous social networks today, especially by young technology enthusiasts, this application is used to keep people in touch.

The best thing is that it allows you to make video calls, but one of the surprising advantages that Instagram offers you is that you can include it on your PC.

For whom was it created and where was it created? this great application was created for the first time by Kevin Sistrom and Maik Krieger, It was started in San Francisco, in 6 October 2010.

Table of contents
  1. How to make video calls on Instagram from my PC?
  2. How to make video calls on my mobile phone via Instagram?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram

How to make video calls on Instagram from my PC?

What we will do is something very simple to do, so pay close attention to your portable screen to perform this procedure, you should do the following:

How to make video calls on Instagram from my PC?

  • The first and main thing is to go to the conversations we have on Instagram.
  • Then you need to click on the logo that you can find on the right at the beginning of the application.
  • So you have to choose to the person in your profile, with which you want to speak through the video call.
  • You will press on the part that says send message next to follow.
  • And then a tab will open in that tab you can find the camera.
    And voila, what I know with this wonderful social network that today allows us to be communicated, whether we are close or far from our loved ones, was very easy, for this reason this application allows you to be aware of your fellow men, but now we will show you something that will help you a lot as we already know how to make a video call on our PC it's time to do it on our mobile phone.

How to make video calls on my mobile phone via Instagram?

What we will do will be much simpler and more readable than the previous one, so it captures what we tell you very well.

  • We will insert the profile icon.
  • So we press the three points that we find in the horizontal part of our right.
  • After this we go to ours settings.
  • So let's click on the notifications.
  • It is necessary in messages in notifications that bears the name push.
  • Then select in video chats.
    Now you will be in communication with your friends and family closest to your position or as you want to say it near you. But the best thing is that you will have it available on any of the devices you want to position most.

But first of all you have to know something very important and that's what everyone should know, it's the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram

Advantages: One of the best advantages that this social network offers us is that it is totally free, it publishes very well the photos you send to Instagram, you can mount on the social network all the photos or videos you want to insert in your Instagram status, you can make video calls, it can come from your phone or from your personal laptop, or you can simply have it on any technological device suitable for this type of social network.

How to make video calls on my mobile phone via Instagram?

Disadvantages: You need to have Internet access so that it can be a little fast when accessing the application, it usually consumes a lot of cell phone battery, from your personal laptop or any device you are connected to the social network, most people can also see your Instagram photos.

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