How to block incoming WhatsApp calls and video calls to a contact?

With WhatsApp, millions of people have been able to eliminate the problems of time and distance in their communications, every day are better and more fun tools like call options and video calls. However, due to various circumstances, we will see ourselves in need of block these options for any contact.

Calls, but especially video calls, are part of the most extraordinary tools that the WhatsApp app has been able to bring to the market and you can also record conversations. They really generated very high demand among people who use the system, not only does messaging make this application one of the most used in the world.

Calls and video calls can be made from WhatsApp Web on PC, in real time and relatively for free. They are made between two or more people if necessary.

However for some reason, we have to prevent somehow the entry of some calls or video calls from people who have behaved in an uncomfortable way and thanks to the system of this app, if it is possible to block, you can also block that contact without them noticing.

But you may run the risk of inadvertently accepting calls due to the frequent use of our mobile device, and even more the time we are active within our WhatsApp application. Therefore, to avoid bad times, the blockade is better and in that case we can remove it whenever we want.

These are simple steps that we must follow to block WhatsApp calls and video calls to any user, there is only one detail, namely that when it freezes, some other options regarding said user will go through the same filter. If it doesn't matter, you just have to enter your app.

How to block incoming WhatsApp calls

After entering WhatsApp from your mobile phone team, you need to search and press the settings button and select the account option. You must immediately search for the privacy section and scroll down to locate and press the option of blocked contacts, and right there, we have to press the icon where we can add another blocked contact.

That option to add to another blocked contact is located at the top right, so we have to select the contact in our list and see how it is blocked. Considering that when you do, we will not receive from that person, no information through the WhatsApp network.

You have to analyze if you really want completely block that person before performing this action, otherwise, other alternatives must be adopted; in case you want to block that person's access only through WhatsApp calls or video calls, but you have no problems with other actions inside the mobile device, you have to take another path.

If you are aware that you want to block only incoming calls or video calls from WhatsApp to a particular user, but it is necessary keep other functions of your device with that person. It is necessary to take into account the use of certain tools in parallel so as not to completely block the selected person.

You must access from your mobile device, to your Google Play Store, select and download and install an ideal tool for it, and it's called Disable calls.

block only calls and video calls from the WhatsApp application

With her you can block only calls and video calls from the WhatsApp application, making other functions available.

With the Disable calls app, you must be able to immediately disable a WhatsApp call or the same one be transformed into a normal call.

You can personally configure this from the WhatsApp app settings; If you can't find the Disable calls tool through your app store, you don't have to worry.

You have to go to the use of the call disable APK to get it, you just have to download that file and play it so that automatically, start the installation on the mobile device. By granting you all the required authorizations and your access to notifications.

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