How to blur the Skype background on PC or mobile devices: customize your video calls

The instant we want improve the way we see each other in a video call, you need to consider the options at your fingertips, including: changing the background of the video call thanks to the integrated service in Skype, apply a certain effect to the image or share a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting.

Either way, Skype allows you to customize our video call with a few clicks in the settings, especially in the audio and video section, which will lead us to blur the background and even apply some preference images.

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    What are the steps to blur the background of a video call on Skype?

    The steps are very simple because you blur the background on a Skype video call appears to be an integrated application service, it is important to clarify that the option is very useful in relation to the issue of personalization, but in reality it is not perfect, several failures can occur while we are in the middle of a meeting.

    At first it is possible that the blur we consider it very complicated, Since, with a few simple steps in the configuration, we will achieve a fairly surprising result, but the reality is that when we are in a video call, We will already be one step away from configuring this option.

    From Windows, Mac, Linux and Web

    What are the steps to blur the background of a video call on Skype?

    To blur the fund in Skype, you don't need to search much because of the option it is on the screen once the video call has started, you only need to click on the three points of the drop-down menu or on the arrow next to the camera icon, so that a list of options is displayed accordingly.

    Once in the pop-up menu, we will see the options of 'Choose wallpaper "in the case of the desktop application or" Spread my background' If we are in the Web application, we print and choose the preferred image in order to apply the subsequent blur, the change can be automatically displayed from our screen.

    In case we want to keep this option activated for all our future meetings by default, we have to go to our profile picture, enter the settings followed by audio and video, and select the "Diffumed background" effect'.

    On mobile devices

    On mobile phones it is also possible to blur the background of our camera on Skype, in fact, performing this action on the mobile application is even simpler since we can do it manually from the call screen and the settings will be automatically saved for later ones.

    In fact, you just have to press the three menu points as it is done in the computer application, however, on mobile devices it will be possible to identify the option with the appointment of 'Enable background blur' and will be placed in the first section of said menu.

    Why is the option to blur the background not displayed?

    Why is the option to blur the background not displayed?

    In the event that the option to blur the background is not displayed, it could be a direct consequence of a sort of incompatibility with the device, If this is true, there are not many possible outputs to enable the effect.

    However, there is also the possibility that the incompatibility occurs due to the lack of updates, so that, to solve it, you can delete it and then reinstall the Skype application, or it is updated directly to its latest version from the Google Play page. Now, if the effect is not yet displayed after performing these procedures, it simply cannot be used on our device.

    Ultimately, what interferes with the application could be the "Undetected Room" error, so it should be checked that everything is in order. In itself, the disadvantages of incompatibility usually appear mainly in desktop applications, as the operating system is more likely to be compatible with Skype on mobile devices.

    How else can you customize the background of your calls?

    There is another feasible way to customize the substance of our calls, namely completely remove the background from the space where the video call is made, and therefore if we want, we can even add an image so as not to leave the void there.

    We can find this option in the Skype configuration, so we have to do it click on our profile picture, select the settings and search for the audio and video option, in this section we will notice that in the "Choose background effect" tab we are also authorized to choose one of the Microsoft images or upload images of our preferences.

    How else can you customize the background of your calls?

    This effect, instead of blurring the background of the place, will do so delete it and insert the image we selected at the beginning, on the other hand, we can also try to create or download and use web effects, Skype with everything related to personalization leaves the user free will.

    Where can you download funds and effects for Skype?

    As for where we can download funds and effects compatible with Skype, the camera option itself is exposed, because from there you can access the use of effects and filters, therefore, in case you want to do it, Here are a large number of compatible possibilities that allow you to apply filters on our camera when you share the screen on Skype from our devices.

    We can also use a third party application for the same purpose, i.e. implementing the use of filters or effects in the camera, with these a fairly large compendium of options opens, The application that has had the greatest receptivity is Snap Camera, since this program allows you to apply all kinds of creative effects in our camera.

    In itself, all applications for this purpose are very simple to use and can be easily available on the Play Store, In case we really show interest in configuring and customizing the image, this is the best tool to do it.

    Where can you download funds and effects for Skype?

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