How to disable or disable Facebook Messenger video calls?

We all have to take into account the fact that social networks are very necessary for all human beings, for with it we can do many precious things that we can enlarge with the time when we learn more about it. And it is precisely for this reason that some of you may wonder How can I disable video calls on Facebook Messenger?

In this article you can find out much more about the doubt you've had for some time, that's why you shouldn't get out of here so you can learn how to do that process.

As for the Facebook Messenger social network, we all know that it can help us a lot in terms of several important things, which can be, power communicate with our friends, even with our families, even in it we can see many publications that people make every day.

In this application we can orient ourselves and also do very productive things; but it shouldn't be abused, because if we give it a lot of use it could become an addiction and it's not what you want.

If at any time you were browsing your private Facebook account and it occurred to you disable the video call option and you don't know how to do that process; what you have to do is stay with us.

So you can learn more about this case; and that we will also help you solve that little problem, which is not complicated at all; on the contrary, it is totally easy to perform this procedure. Don't complicate your life anymore, stay here and see how to do it.

Table of contents
  1. How can I disable all video calls from my Facebook Messenger account?
  2. How can I disable Facebook Messenger notifications?

How can I disable all video calls from my Facebook Messenger account?

If what you want is to remove the option of video calls from your account Facebook Messenger; what you have to do is not complicated at all, what you have to do is stay with us for a while, so you can also solve that little detail, which is not something from another world.

What you need to do to get yourself done is stay a little longer here with us so you can learn a lot more about that Messenger case. Next, we will teach you what you can do in that case, those steps are:

]]disable Facebook Messenger video calls[

  • The first thing you should do is log into your private Facebook Messenger account.
  • After logging into your account, what you need to do is find the option it says 'Notifications' and click there, so you can continue with the next step.
  • When you have already clicked on the notification option, you should look for the button that says 'Do not disturb'.
  • And that's all the process you need to do so that you can disable the video call option.

As you have already understood, the one in order disable the video call option, it is not complicated at all; And you can also enjoy your Facebook messenger in silence and without anyone ruining you.

How can I disable Facebook Messenger notifications?

Another thing you can do to not get screwed is that you can use the option to disable notifications, so you have no interruptions and you can use your Facebook Messenger account very well. What we will teach you below is that you can do it to disable it.

The first thing you should do is give it click on the photo of your account, It is located at the top left, it is where you can find it; After clicking on it, it can take you to an adjustment window.

]]disable messengers notifications[

If you are already in your adjustment account, what you should do is look for the option it says 'Notifications and sounds' and you have to click there, so you can continue with your process.

An option that says "Activated" will appear, you have to click on it, so you can also get a bar that says select a duration of how long you want it to remain disabled, you will get several options; but we recommend using the only option, which is the best to choose from, that option is 'until I activate them again'.

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