How to download and install FaceTime for Android to easily make video calls?

Download and install FaceTime to make video calls it is much easier than it seems. To have this application on your device you only need a few simple steps and you can start enjoying the benefits.

FaceTime is an application that allows you to make video calls, currently also known as video calls. It was released worldwide in 2010 for iPhone and has continued to add users ever since.

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  1. How to download and install FaceTime for Android?
  2. What are the FaceTime alternatives you can use?
    1. 1. Skype
    2. 2. Google Duo
    3. 3. WhatsApp

How to download and install FaceTime for Android?

The world of the digital age communicating with our loved ones is made easier by the infinite number of IT tools that make it possible.

Therefore FaceTime is one of the most recommended options if you want to be able to see and talk to that special person, in other words, make a video call.

How to download and install FaceTime for Android?

However, there is a small problem, this application was created by Apple, so it only works with devices compatible with it, such as those that have an iOS operating system.

The purpose of this application, launched in 2010, was improve communication between devices with iOS operating system.

This means that it is not an app that you need to download to an application store, since the FaceTime application is included in the devices as the default app.

The best thing about this application is that it has a simple and friendly design, which makes it really easy to use and also has high image quality. Being a default application, it is free for Apple users. Although it may have an error, as at some point FaceTime is awaiting activation.

Unfortunately there is no trick you can use download FaceTime to your Android device, at least of course change your operating system, but this is not recommended.

But don't worry, if you are interested in making video calls with your friends and loved ones, there are several applications and programs that you can download that perform this function and even more.

What are the FaceTime alternatives you can use?

Are you disappointed that you can't use FaceTime if you don't have an iOS device? Don't worry, we present a list of applications compatible with Android operating system.

1. Skype

You can find this application in any application store, however it is better to download it through the Play Store to avoid any virus.

When it comes to video calls "Skype" is the best app that you can buy, as it also allows you to make group video calls.

It should be noted that it also allows you to send messages and make calls as if it were an instant messaging application. You can have good control of your contacts and order them.

The best of Skype is that it has a computer version, so you can crush it from your PC and mobile phone at the same time if you wish.

2. Google Duo

This is a free video call application which is generally pre-installed on devices with the latest Android operating system. Despite this, it also works with iOS just like FaceTime does.

For power use Google Duo You need a good Internet connection, which will prevent you from cutting or decreasing your video call while using it.

One of the functions that this App has is that it allows you to send a message with your video to your contact in case it does not respond to the video call.

3. WhatsApp

If you are an active user on social networks, surely know WhatsApp. This instant messaging app is one of the most popular today and may not be missing from this list. Most likely, it is already installed on your smartphone, but did you know that you can make video calls?

What are the FaceTime alternatives you can use?

This App not only allows you to send messages or make calls, but you can also leave voice notes, but above all ... Video calls.

Video calls made through WhatsApp can be with a person or, if you prefer, you can make a video conference with the people you want.

The best thing about this application is that it is compatible with any operating system and you can get it in any app store. Using WhatsApp you can enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

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