How to download and install Zoom to make video calls quickly and easily?

The wonderful Zoom platform has become one of the most used by people all over the world, in order to make video calls and dialogues; in the same way, It is also widely used by teachers who virtually teach how to meet their students in this way. If you need to download Zoom, here we will tell you where you can install it on your laptop or mobile phone.

Likewise, this application is used by companies to make video conferences and online courses. In addition, it has multiple functions, which we can use while in a video call. One could say that one of the disadvantages it has is that the maximum time for a meeting is 40 minutes, but rest assured that you can make another meeting in what ends and continue with your video call.

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  1. How can I download Zoom to my mobile device?
  2. What can I do in Zoom?

How can I download Zoom to my mobile device?

This platform is very simple for some people to use, but for others not so much. Also, thanks to you you can communicate with many people from the same meeting room. Follow the simple steps we will give you below, to download and enjoy this magnificent application.

How can I download Zoom to my mobile device?

  • Log in to your Google Play Store account.
  • Click on the search engine and type "Zoom".
  • Once you search, many options for these applications should appear, but you should look for what it says 'ZOOM Cloud Meetings' with the symbol of an empty video camera, with a blue background; once found, press install and accept the permissions that asks you to start downloading.
  • ¡Ready! Now you just have to wait for the installation to end on your device, so you can access and access it, you can register and log in using your Facebook account if you wish.

What can I do in Zoom?

This application has many functions that always help you when you are using it, nothing more with allowing you to meet up to maximum 100 people in a single video call, it is very advantageous, especially for teachers and entrepreneurs who use this medium for lessons, video conferences and courses respectively.

You can turn off the microphone of the other participants in this meeting, so that only that of the person who will speak is heard at the moment and this does not cause interference or collisions in the audio; in the same way, it has for you, a chat room that you will also have at your disposal while I am on video call, so that not everyone uses the microphone and can make people understand what they say, so maybe everyone would talk at the same time.

Just as it allows you to turn off the microphone, you can also turn off the camera, so that it doesn't look real-time, but if you can see the video of the other participants. If you turn off the audio or camera, this won't stop you from seeing or listening to others.

What can I do in Zoom?

You can create a virtual meeting in this application and share the password or connection with the people you want to participate in so that they get together, and inform them of the moment when it will start and end so that they do not clash with another activity. In the same way, you can participate in a video call, have the data required by the application to be able to access.

can connect this application with your Google account so that your login is much faster or you can also use it, without having to have an account, except that you are responsible for creating the meeting. This application, despite being free, also has other versions that can be used on a paid basis and which in addition to increasing the number of participants in the same meeting, add other useful functions.

One of the most used options is to share the screen, i.e. while you are in the video call, you can open several things, such as files and slides, on your computer or phone and the people present at the meeting They will be able to see what you do on your device. The maximum time for a video call is 40 minutes, but in the end they can create a new one.

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