How to make group video calls on WhatsApp up to 50 people from PC or mobile devices

WhatsApp instant messaging services have been gradually established over the past decade as one of the main ones tools to maintain social contact in all types of contexts, easily satisfactory work, education and entertainment functions, easily adapting to the tastes and needs of each individual user.

Work perfectly on multiple platforms, making it one of the most versatile communication tools today, with the possibility of run easily on computers with the WhatsApp Web function, so you can continue to use the application without the need to have the phone always at hand.

Therefore, being one of the main current communication tools, WhatsApp usually accumulates a large amount of personal information within the internal storage, Although it is also possible to synchronize WhatsApp photos, videos and chats with Dropbox so that you can keep your device with space available for other applications.

Likewise, you can easily restore and recover a backup on WhatsApp so you don't lose essential information when changing your device or for any other reason other than allows you to reinstall the application, make WhatsApp the perfect application to transfer any type of information or personal data.

Group video calls on WhatsApp from the PC

WhatsApp recently added new features to increase the grassroots audience, with the aim of functioning as a social network and not only as an instant messaging tool.

In addition to adding new versions of the original application to meet the needs of companies and companies. You can easily have and create a WhatsApp Business account without any problem for all types of initiatives you want to create, so you can add a personal catalog within the platform.

Therefore, it is easier and easier to use WhatsApp for any possible activity within any environment, simply by knowing the basic elements of the functioning of its complementary tools. For this reason, today we will show you how to do it group video calls on WhatsApp up to 50 people from PC or mobile phone.

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  1. Group video calls on WhatsApp from the PC
  2. Group video calls on WhatsApp from Android

Group video calls on WhatsApp from the PC

Taking into account the recent social landscape and how social and working environments have changed, WhatsApp recently implemented the video call option for up to 50 people for WhatsApp Web simply by updating the application to the latest version or simply enter WhatsApp Web from the browser.

Then you need to open WhatsApp Web and click on the three points next to the "+" symbol to open the options menu. In the drop-down menu, select the option to Create a room to open a new window with the option "Create a room and send the link to your WhatsApp friends.

Once this is done, the Facebook Messenger, therefore it is absolutely necessary to have an account to create the video call room. Finally, you need to configure the video call room and share the link with the contacts.

Group video calls on WhatsApp from Android

While making video calls for up to 50 people on the phone, WhatsApp should be synchronized with Messenger Rooms increase the default limit of 8 people. Working as a Facebook alternative against Zoom and the rest of the video call services that have recently grown in popularity.

Group video calls on WhatsApp from Android

There are currently two methods for create a video call room, You can activate this option directly from a chat by selecting the icon in the form of a clip and then the Room option in the drop-down menu to easily open a video call room.

You can also activate this option through call WhatsApp, Within this section you need to check the Passenger rooms option at the bottom of the screen on the right side, which is above the option to start a new call.

With any of the methods available to open a video call room, the Messenger application will open later, making it mandatory to have it installed on the device, inside it you need to select the option to create a room and then send the link via WhatsApp to share it with all the users you want.

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