How to record a WhatsApp video call with audio on Android and iOS?

Video calls allow communication effectively, as body language can be seen in a conversation; while in a call not even in a simple chat; but today there are many people who want record a video call; they can't do it anymore. It is for this reason that I will teach how to do it.

Perhaps for business reasons it is necessary to make these recordings this; the truth is that in a few minutes you will learn to do it; but first I invite you to talk a little 'more than the video call on the famous WhatsApp platform.

Table of contents
  1. WhatsApp and its video call service
  2. How to record the WhatsApp video call on Android?
  3. How can WhatsApp video calls be recorded on iOS?

WhatsApp and its video call service

WhatsApp is a well-known application widely used all over the world; this is a text messaging platform where it has very simple functions; but brilliant that helps and meets the needs of its customers who constantly enter send or read a message.

This application allows the user to have a number of basic and important functions, which help him make his time on the platform pleasant and formidable. In the chat system you can see the contacts, where we can press to start writing or reading old messages.

WhatsApp and its video call service

Also in this application you can see the option to make a call and a video call; It should be noted that this social platform It is known for having a unique and better quality video call service. Provoking him to become more viral and more famous than he already was; also in the video call of this app you can watch the video in high definition and listen in good quality.

How to record the WhatsApp video call on Android?

Many times we have had to perform this procedure for job applications, study. And for other reasons; but we could never. That's why today I will help you so you can record video calls what do you want.

It should be made clear that a question is needed to perform this procedure; But today there are many applications available to do this job and we don't know which one to choose. That's why I'll show you which App is the best to do it.

The first thing you need to do is search for the application Screen recorder, this is a very recognized maraca in video call recordings, when we find this app on our download site, we have to press where it says download.

After it has been downloaded, we have to install the app on our smart device, we have to do the following: let's proceed to see in our antivirus if this application has any download viruses.

It is very important to make sure of this, so that the device does not present any errors; once this step is finished, you need to allow access to the application so that it can enters the social platform and make recordings.

You finally have to make dimensional adjustments how you want the video to end and another set of settings like the name of the recording, in which folder it will end and that's all you need to know to do this process.

How can WhatsApp video calls be recorded on iOS?

On Android devices this procedure must be performed through applications; but in the operating system of iOS phones It may be different, since the creators of this brand, or Apple, have introduced a number of options into its operating system.

Among the options created by Apple was the screen recorder; This allows users who have these devices to simplify the procedure; but with nothing more to say we will go to the first step.

How to record the WhatsApp video call on Android?

What you do first is go to the device settings, this to find out if this function is activated as it should; We will therefore look for on-screen recordings, when we find this option we have to make sure it is activated; but if it is not active you have to touch the other side of the switch and you can register yours video calls in the WhatsApp application.

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