How to recover an unregistered video call from WhatsApp? - Quick and easy

If it happened to you that for some reason you lost your connection in the middle of a video call, don't panic. Power recover a video call from WhatsApp it's more than you think, even if it's not registered.

There are many reasons why you want to recover a WhatsApp video call, but they all have the same purpose ... Retrieve the information that was said during the conversation.

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  1. Can you recover a video call from WhatsApp?
  2. How to recover a video call from WhatsApp?
    1. 1. REC (Screen Recorder)
    2. 2. Cuba ACR: call recorder

Can you recover a video call from WhatsApp?

Today Whatsapp allows us to make group video calls that translate into a very useful means of communication, since we can contact our friends and family, regardless of where we are.

Can you recover a video call from WhatsApp?

It should be noted that video calls can also be made for professional purposes, either we must contact our leaders or employees; It may also happen that we make a video conference to finalize details that cannot be discussed in person.

Regardless of why we make a video call using WhatsApp, a connection error may occur and may be cut or stopped.

For this reason, many people choose to record their video calls from Whatasapp, as they may contain information that we will no longer ask for because of the pain or shame.

However, the WhatsApp platform does not have a function that allows it record your video calls, Therefore, it is recommended to download a separate application to do so.

The only action you can take directly on the platform is to check the records in the event that the video call was made by a number that you have not registered, which will allow you resume the conversation.

The way you make your video call also counts, so you can choose to change the background or put a video on a WhatsApp video call.

How to recover a video call from WhatsApp?

As explained above, WhatsApp does not have a function or option that allows you to make video calls or calls by this means to be recorded.

However, there is a great one variety of applications and programs that we can download to install on our smart devices to record our conversations.

It should be noted that not all applications work properly or have a unfriendly design which can make us feel upset or stressed when we use them.

That's why we present the two best applications for recording video calls.

1. REC (Screen Recorder)

This application focuses only on recording video calls, regardless of the application you are running.

How to recover a video call from WhatsApp?

All you have to do is activate it, before or after the start of your video call and at the end, you can even change the registration resolution.

Another interesting feature is that it allows you to choose which time limit to register, which means it has a countdown that you can adapt to your liking and at the end, the video will be automatically saved in your gallery.

2. Cuba ACR: call recorder

Like the previous application, it allows you to record video calls from various platforms.

In addition to being able to record a video call, this is what interests us; it also allows us to record the normal calls that we perform every time we activate this function.

Something curious is that it allows us to select the contacts with which we want to record calls; therefore from the moment it starts it will be automatically recorded until the end.

Unlike the previous app; Cuba ARC It has its own independent gallery, so the recordings can be managed by the application without affecting the gallery of our device.

However, they can be exported to other means to give us the opportunity to share them. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with any operating system.

However, if you don't want applications to record video calls, you can do it using your device as long as it has the function of record the screen.

You also have the option to try other applications to make video calls that may be more appropriate to your needs.

If you intend to record video calls on your mobile phone, remember that it is necessary to have the consent of all the parties participating in the video call.

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