How to share the link of a Google Meet meeting or a video call on PC or mobile devices?

In the following article, you will be explained how can you share the corresponding link from a meeting or video called by Google Meet to a PC or mobile phone.

This method is very simple to perform, but clearly a series of steps are needed, which will be well established for those who do not know the system well.

This is why the aforementioned article in question describes in detail the way of power share your videos of your meetings quickly and efficiently, the precise definition of Google Meet will also be given and what this important system is for.

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  1. What is Google Meet?
  2. How to share the link of a Google Meet meeting or a video call on PC or mobile devices?

What is Google Meet?

This is a tool that has been developed for professionals both in the business world and for teachers and meets certain requirements of the app.

Teachers will be able to share their screen, audio and see students at the same time, from all over the world, since, through this application, the different ones necessary and important meetings, in addition to dictating your lessons online with precision and you can also record a video call.

What is Google Meet?

This method is extremely important and more so in these times when the pandemic no longer develops in a country, it is hitting globally where social distancing is mandatory and the use of this mechanism can be very useful do not waste time both in your company and for online lessons and move on.

As mentioned earlier, it is a video call application where it is possible add and remove guests who do not comply with the different rules imposed to hold an online meeting in the most professional way possible. Google Meet download is available for Android, iO and PC.

In order to share the link and then organize meetings and yours correctly virtual calls, the method to perform this process is extremely simple and has no problems, so anyone can clearly perform this procedure by following the instructions below.

You must first use both your PC and phone to create the meeting, you must open yours user in G Suite or from your main Google account, if you use the PC you can run the programming process and connect it to that system through the Google calendar application.

Again if you have your respective account in suite G, a link will be added automatically and a number with which you will allow access to the video called to the event that has been programmed with the Google calendar with precision.

How to share the link of a Google Meet meeting or a video call on PC or mobile devices?

The same process will occur when a person and more people are invited, in the same way that you can perform the addition action when pressing Add conference, is such a wide application that you can use your personal Gmail to be able to start a video call on your google meet account and from there share that meeting with your colleagues.

One of several options that the application offers you is that you can record your meetings to get a backup of it.

This way, if you enter from your email you will have to go to the sidebar and press where it says "A meeting begins" now then press "Login now" and a screen will appear quickly and automatically showing the connection of said meeting, copy said link and paste it on any messaging site so that the different people you wish to attend the meeting can join it.

If you want to invite a person via email you need to click "Add people" you will open a screen with the link of said meeting where you will enter both the person's name and the person's email, then press send mail and that's it, the recipient will receive this invitation email and will press a box with the words "Join the meeting.

If you wish to make the invitation over the phone, you must click on the "Add people", then call to register the contact number of the person you want to video call with and then run the meeting over the phone.

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