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Group communication is not always very simple, as adding more people to the same call is a little difficult. Therefore, you should look for an application where it allows you to do it and help you make it a feasible way to communicate in a group. The best app for this is Skype. With it you can do many things easily, as it will provide you with many tools, so we will tell you how to start a group video call on Skype.

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    What are the steps to make a video call on Skype?

    Making a video call on Skype is very simple, this will not give you any problems, it just has to have an Internet connection and an added contact, to meet the requirements to run it, you can do it as follows:

    ¿What are the steps to make a video call on Skype?

    If I have an iPhone

    If you have an iPhone, making a video call will be very simple, you can contact someone from Skype with someone from other countries without wage costs, to do this you just have to follow the following steps:

    1. Enter the Skype application, in case you have not discarded it you have to do it, so you just have to enter you have Apple and enter the name of the Skype app and click download, then you will have Skype on your device.
    2. Now enter the data to enter your account, if you don't have one you can open them easily and quickly.
    3. After being in the app, press your conversations.
    4. Go to the chat you want to start a new video call.
    5. If you don't have it inside you should add it first, now go to this settings.
    6. A camera will appear in this list, click on it, here you will start the video call.
    7. You will only have to configure the audio and cameras, you can have two . When it is ready, the video call begins.

    Before making the video call, try to notify the other participant so that they are aware of and don't waste time, you will have to do it in advance.

    Using an Android

    If you want to make a video call using Android, make sure the other person you interact with is connected so that the interaction can be perfectly shaved. To do this you just have to follow the following steps:

    1. Enter the Skype application with your Android phone, you must already be in your downloaded application.
    2. Click on the chat bar, all the conversations you have or have made will appear here.
    3. Press as if you were to send a new message to the contact with whom you want to make the new video call, you must already be informed.
    4. Go to the chat settings.
    5. Click on the video call and wait for it to answer you, you can change it here if you want the camera not activated or has no audio.

    ¿How to make group calls on Skype from iPhone or Android?

    How to make group calls on Skype from iPhone or Android?

    To make a group call, you must have added contacts, a good Internet connection, just like you have already created your account on Skype, if you need the procedure to do it in a group here you have it, follow the following procedure:

    With an invitation link

    1. Launch the section in the Skype application, so you only need to enter and position the corresponding data.
    2. Insert in the application when you have already started the section.
    3. In the main screen you will see an icon with a camera that says: Reunion must press on it, it is located on the left side of the screen.
    4. Now you can activate the camera and microphones, you will enter a camera.
    5. Here you will have a link that you can send to people who want them to enter the call, just as you will have the opportunity to share from the same video call.
    6. Al and having your invitations sent, press start.
    7. You just have to wait for your guests to enter, you will see them at the bottom left of the screen.
    8. You will also continue to have the option to continue sending the link to your contacts, you can also do it manually.
    9. To do this manually, click on adding people and choose from your contacts. By adding your contacts you can start, people will be seen in a camera horizontally or vertically, it depends on where you are doing it group call.

    Creation of a group chat

    You can also create a group call with a chat, so you just have to follow the following procedure:

    1. Enter the Skype application.
    2. Go to the chat option.
    3. Now enter a new chat, you must enter a new name if you want a profile photo .
    4. Integrate people who want to add to the call.
    5. After seeing all these inserted, press the settings.
    6. Now start the call, it's very simple.

    people who talk about everyone in skype video call

    Creating a group chat will make it easier and more fun to make a video call, so you can then discuss the accents or a call from before and that everyone is careful so that nobody misses their virtual meeting.

    How many people can participate in the video call on a free account?

    When making a video call you can join up to 100 people in a free account, In other words, you can talk to 100 people simultaneously through a virtual meeting on Skype.

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