How to use Zoom reactions in video calls and messages?

Technological progress is booming and ways to get pleasant communication improve every day with applications like Zoom. Through video calls and messages, Zoom offers a fun experience, Since it also includes reactions on your platform, learn a little more about its use in the application with our help.

Table of contents
  1. What reactions can be used in Zoom?
    1. Use emojis
    2. Raise your hand
  2. How can reactions in Zoom be activated?
    1. Using a PC
    2. In the mobile application
  3. Where can I get more reactions for Zoom?

What reactions can be used in Zoom?

Zoom's reactions don't go further gestural emojis, Celebration emojis, any sign you can do with your hand both greetings, approvals, for lovers there are hearts. They may not be the same WhatsApp emojis, but if you are looking for something to compare you can use Skype for comparison.

Use emojis

Non-verbal reactions call them Zoom on their official platform, which we colloquially lick emojis. And it's not far from platforms like WhatsApp, here you can use hearts, all emojis with gestures and even emojis that symbolize the celebration. They may not be widely employed in the work areas, however they are always good for informal conversation.

Raise your hand

This is very important, the reactions of the emojis will only be available for 10 seconds, which are the ones that last the option to raise your hand in Zoom, then they will disappear.

How can reactions in Zoom be activated?

Depending on the device used, the Zoom application you can go to the relevant settings. The procedure from a PC to both the application and the browser is quite similar to that of a smartphone device. You will notice the slight difference when reading the mutual instructions.

Using a PC

Regardless of the type of account you will need to enter on the Zoom page or in the application as a privileged administrator, this will allow you to access the "Account Management" options and then go to "Account settings" where you can go to the section 'Meeting' and check if non-verbal reactions are activated.

If not, select the button to activate them, if a pop-up window appears click "Activate" to confirm. At this point you have to choose a single of the reaction options in the meeting which are:

  1. All emojis: This allows any meeting participant, any emoji can use it in the Zoom chat as a reaction to the meeting.
  2. Selected emojis: This option offers only emojis, applause, most popular festive emojis, heart, hands with different signs and at least two reactions of facial gestures.

How can reactions in Zoom be activated?

Having selected a single option press the "Save" option, only if you want to make configuration mandatory for all users, select the lock icon, then click on the "Block" option to confirm and you're done.

In the mobile application

Join the Zoom meeting as a participant, select the "Other" option which is the three-point horizontal icon located in the lower right corner of the screen, then select one of the emojis or press the three horizontal points icon to select the entire set of emojis.

Here you can select from the most used emojis we mentioned. As you select them, they will be eliminated, as you can only have one active emoji at a time.

Where can I get more reactions for Zoom?

No further reactions can be obtained For Zoom meetings, all meeting reactions are available and there is no way to get more. The only way to get more reactions or emojis would be to use a keyboard that would allow you to save gifs or other emojis that don't belong to the application.

The latter option may not be satisfactory if the user to whom you send such emojis or adhesives does not have the same applications that you have, that is, the reactions or gifs you send will not be compatible with other users and will not be able to see them.

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