Why are video calls not displayed on my mobile phone?

What we will do in this article will be a very simple or simply simple solution, because there are times when we have a smartphone but there are times when they are not seen the video calls, Well, here we will teach you what to do so that your video calls are displayed on your mobile phone.

In most of the smartphone They give you the opportunity to have access to video calls, we also have times when we want to talk to our family or friends, but our cell phone doesn't exactly see the videos.

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  1. How to make video calls appear on my mobile phone?
  2. How to make a video call on my mobile phone?

How to make video calls appear on my mobile phone?

Here we will explain the doubt you have on your mobile phone and video calls. Well, if your live videos don't look exactly how you want to see why the error has your camera or you don't have Internet access, they can be one of those failures, And if your phone isn't very advanced, it can be your cell phone.

How to make video calls appear on my mobile phone?

You have many reasons to doubt video calls, because to look much better you need to have access to one internet connection.

How to make a video call on my mobile phone?

To achieve this procedure it is necessary to carry out the following operations:

  • The first thing we will do is open the duos app.
  • Then press the contact you want to call.
  • Then press the video calls.
  • After pressing, you will have the video call.
  • After speaking, You will press the finish and everything here was very simple now you can enjoy this wonderful call you made through a portable call that you made in a very simple way.

Now you can enjoy one of the best visual calls who have phones thanks to technology we can talk to our family, friends or colleagues who are close to us.

But now we will tell you something very important and it is the calls we can make on our phone but we will do it from WhatsApp It may seem a little difficult but it is actually a very simple way to do it. But to do this procedure do what we will tell you through this article.

  • The first thing we will need is an Android phone, in this case a smartphone.
  • You will need to activate your WhatsApp camera.
  • So choose the person in one of your contacts you want to talk to in this wonderful live video that we will do with one of our close relatives.

And ready it was very easy what we did WhatsApp video call But don't hesitate to enjoy that wonderful WhatsApp application that allows us to make video calls on PC and on our mobile phone.

The best thing is that you don't have to download any application to have video calls, because our phones contain those types of calls, it can be a call from where you want it can also come from another country.

If your videos look a little dark and you don't have the flash activated, you can do the following:

  • The first thing you will do is go to the settings it contains your Android and press the torch torch.
  • After making the video call, click Access the light.
  • As you speak, the light will be active during the conversation.

How to make a video call on my mobile phone?

You will have an enlightened conversation, the best thing is that the video is not very dark. But there is something you don't know yet and it's like activating the flash in the Call WhatsApp.

We will do something like the first procedure.

  • We will go to the settings.
  • Select notifications.
  • Choose the flash for the videos and you're done.

Follow-up was something like in the first part, but what was done was very simple, the important thing is that we definitely stay now, you can do it through your favorite social network which is WhatsApp.

There is something we need to consider, that is when they call us video calls let's turn on our flash.

  • You need to press on accessibility.
  • So we simply head to the settings.
  • Then we will have pressed the flash notification.

Done, the flash procedure was not very difficult, now you can enjoy the video calls, and you can do it with your relatives thanks to the wonderful technology that allows us to contact others regardless of distance.

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