What are the best free video call apps?

Most applications that allow you to make video calls are free and work for you at any time. There are also messaging applications that have joined the video calls with the ideal of providing us with the best tools to communicate. You can enter any of the platforms we are about to mention, create an account and start making the necessary video calls.

Table of contents
  1. What free video call services are the most recommended for their features?
    1. Google Meet
    2. Zoom
    3. Microsoft teams
  2. What instant messaging applications also offer the option of video calls?
    1. WhatsApp
    2. Telegram
    3. Facebook Messenger

What free video call services are the most recommended for their features?

The applications we will mention can download them through the app store, or from your computer install and run. Below we will mention the characteristics of each of them in order to take them into account when using them.

Google Meet

One of the most used also by teachers to teach is Google Meet, this allows you to create different flames and conferences from anywhere and device, you can do it with the Internet connection. Video calls will come from your computer or mobile phone, simply by entering Google Meet, so you need to click "A meeting begins" here you can lecture or attend an already held.Google Meet video call

On your mobile phone you can enter the Google Meet application and also click login or enter a conference ready, but you will have to enter a code. If you are the one doing the conference, you will need to share a link for the other people you want to attend the video call.


One of the best applications that has multiple tools and much better resolution is Zoom, which is very easy to use and offers you the opportunity to participate 100 users. The free version of this application allows you to make video calls for up to forty minutes. It is better if you access the communication platform through the previously downloaded application, on Android or iOS.

A curiosity of this application is that it allows you to share your screen. As a recommendation of Zoom-like platforms to make a video call, we will also mention a well-known but at this time, less used, than it's Skype where you can make video calls from your computer without any problems.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool created to provide a form of communication via Microsoft. It was the product of a collaboration to communicate; integrates with Microsoft 365 and it is an office tool that you can use with your colleagues, it has a modern interface that you can use in meetings or video calls. You can also share the screen; exchange files and services with over 250 apps.Microsoft teams video call app

What instant messaging applications also offer the option of video calls?

There are several messaging applications for video calling, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. You can make calls, write or make video calls with at least 4 people, although Telegram itself allows you to make video calls with many people simultaneously. Another app that, even if it's not messaging, offers you the ability to activate and make video calls is Instagram, from your mobile phone or computer.


We know that WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms today and, of course, if you have various tools that are not limited to sending messages. Its popularity is based on the fact that it always tries to innovate to offer better service.

You can make a video call with up to six people at the same time, to do it in a group you have to click on the video call icon, as you can also do it with a person individually, you can click on this icon and start performing the action. Here you can perform different functions such as turn off the microphone, close the camera and leave the audio alone, etc.WhatsApp application


Another application that helps you make video calls is Telegram, if you ask yourself, how to make video calls on Telegram with any of your contacts? we have to tell you that the process is fast, you just have to search for the conversation with the person you want to do it, and click the Options button at the top right identified with three points. Click on "Videocall" and that's all.

You also have the option to search for the person's name, enter the data of his profile and click on the video call icon. By clicking now you can make the video call; but you have to take it into account you need an Internet connection to be able to do it or at least connect with mobile data.

Facebook Messenger

And the last option we are going to mention is that of Facebook Messenger, which is a social network that has actually added video calls to allow more efficient communication. You can do it up to 50 people, but there are only six that can broadcast live, other people can communicate only through the voice.

You can download the Facebook Messenger version from the App Store, you have to choose between the normal application or the Lite version, which if you want to save the data we recommend you download Facebook messenger lite, if you have Android do it from the Play Store.

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